photo of the Ortega Family graduation

Saint Ignatius of Loyola Elementary School has been home to the Ortega family for 19 years! Nicholas, the youngest of five sons, is currently a 6th grader, Daniel attends Saint Francis High School, and Gabriel is on the road to following his father’s footsteps in law enforcement.

The oldest, Michael Ortega, graduated from Saint Ignatius in 2007, then Loyola High School and UCLA in 2015. He is currently a music coordinator for Bunim Murray Productions. Samuel Ortega graduated from Saint Ignatius in 2008, Saint Francis High School and USC with a degree in human biology.  He recently was hired by the Department of Defense to do forensic science in Delaware and this fall will continue his education at Georgetown University. “The Ortega Family has made Catholic education a priority,” says Principal Ileana Wade. “The last Ortega brother will graduate from St. Ignatius in 2019. Perhaps a few years from then, the Ortega grandchildren will begin their journey at Saint Ignatius!”