To accelerate student academic growth, St. Michael School is departmentalizing 2nd through 4th grades next school year. In a departmentalized structure, teachers focus on just a couple subject areas and delve more deeply into content. This school year, when 5th grade was added to the departmentalized structure in the middle school, teachers saw increased academic growth.

Next fall, 2nd through 4th grade teachers will focus on one or two core subjects, as well as teach religion to their homeroom class. Mr. Casas, 2nd grade teacher, will teach science and social studies. Ms. Jimenez, 3rd grade teacher, will focus on math. Mrs. Leiva, 4th grade, will teach English.

Ms. Leiva said, “One of the positive aspects of departmentalization is increased expertise through teaching fewer subjects. Another benefit is that I will get to see student growth over the course of three years.”
As explained by Principal Anabel Rodriguez, “Departmentalization has a number of positive impacts, such as allowing teachers to specialize in their best subjects, increasing student attention span due to changing classes, strengthening teacher expertise, and helping students to improve interpersonal skills by being exposed to more teachers with different teaching styles. I look forward to seeing how students in grades 2-4 grow academically.”