St. Anthony's student food drive

St. Anthony-Immaculate Conception School has brought a spirit of ecumenism to the school community.  St. Anthony Parish has rented space to the San Francisco Islamic School (grades K-4) for the past two years. This year, SFIS moved into the St. Joseph’s building on Shotwell Street. Students and faculty have formed friendships and understandings of the two religions.
The 1st grades collaborated in art and science and 7th graders experienced the haj in their study of Islam in Social Studies. Children share playground space and games during recess and lunch.  Teachers converse while sharing supervision duty in the yard.

This school year, with the assistance of Seminarian Kyle Faller, the schools collaborated in a Thanksgiving food drive to benefit the St. Anthony Foundation.

“We are very proud of forging relationships with people of different faiths and being a model of Christianity through our actions of peace and collaboration,” says SAIC Principal Barbara Moodie.