photo of a Santa Teresita family

Santa Teresita School and Sister Patricia Ann Smith, O.P. were happy to present to the Barrios family the very first Christian Parenting Scholarship Award in memory of Sister Pat Ann’s parents, George and Evelyn Smith.

Maria and Everardo Barrios are active members of the Santa Teresita Parish. Maria is a lector and both Maria and Everardo participate in the prayer group, Los Evangelizadores.  They are the loving parents of  Aiden,  who is in the 3rd grade, a good student and altar server.  Aiden has an older brother who is an alumnus of Santa Teresita and is now a high school sophomore.

Sister Pat Ann and her siblings established this scholarship for Santa Teresita and St. Ignaitus Schools. They were baptized at Santa Teresita Parish and later attended grade school at St. Ignatius.