St. James Peacemakers are students who work to build peace and social justice on campus and in the wider community, understand his or her role as a steward of the environment, work collaboratively to resolve conflicts, and demonstrate respect for human diversity and the dignity of all. They embody the Dominican motto: To Praise, To Bless, and To Preach.

This year we awarded the Peacemaker honor to Leovanni Quintanilla in the 2nd grade, David Gonzalez in the 4th grade, and Joseph Zuloaga in the 7th grade.

Teachers shared these wonderful descriptions:
“Leo Quintanilla shows thoughtfulness and compassion toward his classmates, teachers, and younger students. He knows that the best way to reach understanding is by listening to others and by treating others the way he would want to be treated.” “David Gonzalez has been a positive role model, not only in 4th grade, but for all grades. David motivates others to try their best.“ “Joseph Zuloaga works collaboratively with others and does not complain about who he is partnered with. Joseph never puts people down and is a very kind person.”