St. Elizabeth Elementary School

St. Elizabeth Elementary School - Oakland, California

St. Elizabeth Elementary School

1516 33rd Avenue
Oakland, CA 94601
Ph: 510-532-7392

Serving the Fruitvale community since 1893, Saint Elizabeth Elementary School has been a powerful presence in the Diocese of Oakland as a center of faith, caring and education for thousands of children. Staffed by qualified Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose and lay partners in a Franciscan parish, we boast of an enrollment of more than 300 students.

From preschool through eighth grade, our students are challenged with a strong academic program that addresses individual needs and potential in a multi-ethnic environment. In an atmosphere where religious instruction and prayer provide a foundation for each day, our students not only learn, work and play together, but also celebrate their faith and their culture.

“The Franciscan and Dominican ‘connection’ has been alive and growing at St. Elizabeth Parish in the Fruitvale District of Oakland for over 113 years. And it just keeps getting stronger as the parish and families continue to choose quality Catholic education at the elementary school. ” Sister Rose Marie Hennessy, O.P.

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Established: 1893
Principal: Mary Pult
Enrollment: 345
School Capacity: 500

Mary Pult (Principal):
Sister Julie Distel (Development Director):
Ethnic Breakdown:
Hispanic 86%
African American 6%
Asian 6%
Caucasian 1%
Other 1%
Single Parent Families: 41%
Operating Budget: $2,229,465
Income: (Tuition/Fees) $1,130,818
Tuition for First Child: $5,865
Actual Cost per Student: $6,454
No. of Students on Tuition Assistance: 308
% of Students on Tuition Assistance: 90%
Total Tuition Assistance Funds Raised 2010-11: $774,394
Diocese: $66,500
Parish: $12,000